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Great deals on Veterinary Dental Machines!


What makes our machines different

  • Price and Reliability. We use the same components and build techniques as implemented in construction of professional dental stations. Result: professional-grade dental units for a fraction of the cost of those of competitors'.

  • Ease of Use. Dental procedures are complicated, but our machines are not. All switching between handpieces occurs automatically; all you need to do is to pick the one you want use and step on the pedal when ready. It is that simple!

  • Ease of Maintenance. We use high-quality oil-free compressors and premium components, thus insuring long lifespan and flawless performance.

  • Compatibility. All of our units are compatible with handpieces and accessories sold through major distributors!


Available Configurations

BYR Veterinary Dental PRO


Compact and Versatile!

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BYR Veterinary Dental PRO XL


More working space and features!

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BYR Veterinary Dental PRO CM


Most compact--wall or cabinet-mounted!

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BYR Veterinary Dental PRO UM


Fits under any horizontal surface!

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Custom Design


We can design a perfect unit for you! Please contact us for design options and quotes.

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BYR Veterinary Dental PRO

BYR Veterinary Dental PRO XL