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About Us


Sad, but true...

Medical equipment is expensive to purchase. It is difficult and time-consuming to find products that are affordable and high quality. Sometimes customer service is slow, ineffective, or non-existing.


This is where we come in

If you are reading this you can (or soon will be able to) relate to at least one of these statements. While BYR Universal, LLC cannot guarantee 100% solution to these issues (though it is not for lack of trying) here is what we can offer to ease the processes of shopping for your next piece of veterinary equipment. 


Our Sales and Support

Your time is valuable, so rather than write in great length about the superior quality, exceptional service, and dedication to everyone's satisfaction (these statements are true, by the way ) we simply say the following: 

We have a long history of selling our products on  www.UsedVetEquipment.com And we still do! Our listings usually have red background and unique characters in the title. 

We also have eBay store for various surgical instruments http://stores.ebay.com/byanchor?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 Please feel free to stop by check out even more items!

*We are running a business and we want to make money. We believe that the best way to achieve both is to have satisfied customers and staff. 

*All of our listings are guaranteed to match their description. We like what we do, therefore, we are happy to answer any questions or provide additional pictures. 

*All of our products go through extensive research and cleaning (according to manufacturer's specifications.) Our team knows even the most minute things about products we sell (ex. common factors affecting performance and common failure components and resolution--not something that manufacturer will often disclose).

* Our support team responds quickly. We believe that prevention is the best medicine; we will work with you to resolve your current issue while working on identifying the ones that might occur in the future. 

* We have a constantly growing inventory of veterinary and surgical equipment. New products are added daily!